ToFine Technology
Founded in 2003, ToFine is a high-tech group enterprise that specializes in automation system R&D, design, integration, manufacturing and implementation. On the important mission of technology transfer, marketization, industrialization, we have established a Provincial High-Tech Enterprise R&D Center for Industrial Automation Systems, a support and service system formed by the headquarters in Hangzhou and multiple regional centers around China. In chemical and petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical, steel and metallurgy, machinery and equipment, aerospace and nuclear power, rail transit, urban construction and other industries, we have achieved outstanding results. For industry transformation and upgrading, promoting manufacturing level, promoting intelligent manufacturing, creating digital factories, building smart cities, becoming a manufacturing power, we provide solid, efficient, high-quality support services and guarantees. While creating value for customers, we also realize our own value.
Zhejiang Tofine Automation Equipment Co. Ltd.
Invested and established by TOFine Technology,TOFine Automation Equipment main business is providing automation products and intelligent equipment of well-known companies representing as the World class standard at home and abroad, such as Siemens, Advantech, Phoenix, Weidmuller, Rittal, SMC, Turck, etc.. According to customer demand,TOFine Automation Equipment provides products and equipment such as PLC, industrial computer, sensor, instrument, frequency converter, motion control, low-voltage electrical, electrical connection, robot and other products and equipment. TOFine Automation Equipment agent product business is widely used in machinery, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, building materials, textile, medicine, municipal, aerospace and other industries. Relying on the provision of 28 categories of automation products,TOFine Automation Equipment serves as a professional solution service provider.At the same time, TOFine Automation Equipment integrates foreign advanced automation products and digital software to supplys automation and digital solutions for customers in discrete industry.
Development History
  • 1975
    1975-1988 age T1.0 Birth & Startup
  • 1989
    1989-2001 age T2.0 Relocation & Development
  • 2002
    2002-2014 age T3.0 Restructuring & Transformation
  • 2015
    2015-2030 ageT4. 0 Innovation & Vision
Honors and Qualifications
The main research results
Postgraduate Training Base, Council Member of University-Enterprise Cooperation Committee, Hangzhou College Students’ Enterprise Training Base
Honors and Qualifications
Public Service and Technical Support Platform, Hangzhou Enterprise Technology Center, Hangzhou Industrial Enterprise Informatization Application Pilot Enterprise, Hangzhou Machines Replacing Human Beings Service Center, Hangzhou Enterprise High-Tech R&D Center

Siemens Best Distributor in East China, Advantech Best Performance Contribution “Gold Stone Award”, Phoenix 10-Year Distributor, Weidmuller Gold Medal Distributor

Zhejiang Specialized, Fine, Characteristic, Innovative Enterprise, Excellent Credit Enterprise

Third Award for Hangzhou Excellent New Products & New Technologies in 2010

Hangzhou Top 10 Scientific Research Institute for Sci-Tech Innovation, Hangzhou College Students’ Probation and Training Demonstration Unit, Hangzhou Outstanding Vocational Education Off-campus Practice Base, Hangzhou College Students’ Probation & Training base
Corporate Philosophy
Strategic positioning
To be the automation expert around customers
Corporate mission
Use wisdom and efforts to make life easier for human beings
Automation industry ecosphere
Industry, academy, research institution, user, financial organization, government
Enterprise values
Integrity and cooperation, refinement and pragmatic, pioneering and innovative, brave to climb the peak
Strategic task
TOFine initiates to create an automation industry ecosphere by integrating the six resources of industry, academy, research institution, user, financial organization and government, and make it an automation industry development platform for sustainable development, a gathering place for career-creating talents in automation, a cradle for innovative technologies in automation, a distributing center for a series of automation product, and a birthplace for automation-related industries, so as to make active contributions to industry progress, industry development, economic prosperity and national prosperity.
Strategic environment
The automation industry ecosphere is a multi-link ecosphere composed of the supply chain, industry chain, information chain, and service chain based on the market and customers, with multi-level, multi-dimension, multi-form and all-around ubiquitous partnerships with the manufacturer, supplier, dealer, service provider, institution of higher learning, scientific research institution, design institute, intermediary, industrial organization as well as government and related social institution.
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